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After Builders Cleaning Stratford Upon Avon from JK Cleaners

If you’re looking for the best after builders cleaning services, then you don’t have to look further from JK Cleaners. What does the after builders cleaning services entail? It’s a thorough cleaning, which takes place after any construction project in your Stratford Upon Avon property. Whether you have a brand new property, which has been recently constructed, but is uninhabitable or you have renovated your current property, it matters little. You will still have thick layers of dust and rubble from construction materials that need to be cleaned thoroughly.


After Buiders Cleaning Stratford Upon Avon

As mentioned above, the purpose of hiring a professional after builders cleaning team is to do the utmost possible to transform any property after construction and renovations have taken place into a habitable home for you and your loved ones. JK Cleaners has trained teams of professionals to clean even the toughest properties.

The Services We Offer

After builders cleaning Stratford Upon Avon services aim to leave your home dust-free and unlike regular dust, the dust from construction materials is thicker and tougher to remove. We employ the services of only the most experienced technicians, who know how to clean ever corner and hard to reach place in the property. One of the many services we provide include, but are not limited to mopping, de-scaling, de-liming, polishing, buffing and wiping. JK Cleaners does all that, all the while maintaining courteous attitude towards our customers.

Booking a Service

To book our after builders cleaning in Stratford Upon Avon services you have two options. You can call our support staff at 024 7735 0051 to either book or receive a free quotation. Or you can use our online booking form, which provides the same information in your inbox as concise and easy to reuse information. Either way rest assured that you will be able to contact us at any time and every day.